Daily Tips for Optimizing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Managing a Google Ads account on a daily basis can become a hard task to keep up with, specially in today’s competitive market.

What should I be doing in my Google Ads account on a daily basis?

This question is in the head of every digital marketer nowadays, below are very important Tips for Optimizing PPC Campaigns Daily

Segment Traffic Using Search Queries Report

To optimize your pay-per-click ad campaign on a daily basis, you must monitor and segment the traffic regularly. Your best friend in this regard is the Search Queries Report (SQR), which tells you what traffic converts and what does not. By filtering out the non-converting traffic and including the converting ones, you can save costs and maximize the return on investment (ROI).

Implement Negative Keywords to Lower Costs

Additionally, to remove irrelevant traffic and lower costs, it is crucial to implement a negative keyword list. The Search Terms Report reveals how you need to optimize your campaign’s intent to achieve better ROI and lower cost per action (CPA).

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Adjust Bids for Maximum SERP Visibility

Since you want your campaign to achieve maximum visibility on the search engine result pages (SERP), you must pay attention to implementing bid adjustments. Perform this task daily by using automated bidding strategies. This will ensure your campaigns have top-of-page bids and are more likely to maximize their personas’ reach.

Seize New Keyword Opportunities

Don’t forget to capitalize on new keyword opportunities to improve your campaign. It can be hard to keep track and remember to search for new keyword opportunities, which is why adding high-converting search queries daily is just as important as implementing new negatives to your campaign.

Optimize Ads for Improved Performance

To optimize your ad performances, ensure that you A/B test your ads and use at least one search keyword in your ad copy. Also, include three headlines and multiple ad extensions to serve the best-performing ads more often. Remove ads that are not performing well in terms of clicks or conversions.

By following these pay-per-click optimization tips, you can save costs, maximize ROI, and improve your ads’ visibility to reach your personas better.

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