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At Arab Marketing, we are proud to be the only digital marketing agency that provides services in both English and Arabic languages. Our team of bilingual experts understands the nuances of the Arab market and can help you navigate the complexities of marketing to this audience.
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Our Ethos

We offer comprehensive marketing services in Arabic Language. We help our clients understand how search engine optimization works, so they learn and become fearless in this crazy complicated world of online marketing. Keeping our ethos by educating our clients at the forefront of every interaction is vital to achieving better outcome. This devision of our company is dedicated to produce work tailored to target Arab businesses and consumers.

The First and Only Arab-focused marketing agency in the United States

Our team of bilingual experts understands the nuances of the Arab community

With over 10 years of experience, we’ve developed unique expertise in Arab-focused marketing. Our team has successfully executed digital marketing campaigns for clients in a variety of industries, leveraging the latest technologies to deliver outstanding results. We believe that every client is unique, which is why we customize our services to match your specific business needs.

Our Values

Your business is our business


At the heart of our business, we prioritize honesty and transparency, understanding that nobody wants to fall victim to deception. We take pride in offering our clients complete transparency, from pricing to the scope of each project, and every aspect of our services. Our commitment to transparency extends to our marketing services for Arab clients as well, ensuring clarity and openness in all endeavors. Say goodbye to hidden details and questionable practices.

A little about us

Arab Marketing is a division of Online Ethos digital marketing agency located in El Cajon City "Little Baghdad"

We help Arab small businesses get their names out there with the help of local SEO strategies.

Our key team members are seasoned experts in digital marketing with a wealth of experience in working with businesses targeting Arab audiences. Our team is also incredibly diverse and multicultural, allowing us to better understand and serve clients in the Arab market and Arab American market.

Help in Arabic

Awesome people who speaks Arabic to assist on your marketing projects.

Local Support

We live in San Diego, so we know our city better than anybody else.


Since then, we started helping clients with marketing after graduating from college.

+10 Years

Of combined experience for our experts in the digital marketing field.
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Consultation in Arabic

Are you wondering how to get started?

We now provide you with what we wished was available when we got started. Since it takes a long time to learn stuff, it would be great to have somebody to ask for help and make our lives easier.

Our Expertise

Assistance in Arabic is Available

Arab Marketing is your go-to digital marketing agency for the Arab market and Arab American market.

Local Search Optimization

We help you rank higher on search engines and maps to beat your competitors

Website Design & Development

We design modern responsive website with mobile first approach

Google Ads Management

We track the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions

Digital Graphic Design and Visual Identity

We design creative visual identity for your brand to make you standout

Social Media Marketing Services

we offer a wide range of social media marketing services to boost your local visibility

Free Audit & Consultation

We help you understand how local marketing works to serve your business needs
We’re committed to providing high-quality, bilingual digital marketing services to our clients. Learn more by clicking the button below

Our Promise

Why choose us for your digital marketing services

We are local business like you

Located in San Diego and helping small business in our city with local SEO

We are REAL people like you

No more robocalls or overseas support whom you have never met before

We build personal relationships

With communication and consultation for anything related to local SEO.

We keep learning and improving

To find great ranking opportunities we know you can capture.

Industries we serve

Assistance in Arabic is Available

Below is a list of industries we had the opportunity to work with to help them increase their online visibility and rank higher on local search results. We aim to help businesses connect to the Arab community in San Diego by providing the right marketing strategy to reach them.

Home & Mobile Services

Health & Professional

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation. Let us help you take your business to the next level.